Triple Laminate Longbow
Purpleheart Core
A nice close up of the bow in action.
At full draw.
Handle section. Many colours available.

Buffalo horn nocks.
Top and Bottom.
If Lemonwood has any failings it is its tendency to follow the string. This tendency can be overcome to a large extent by the addition of a centre lamination sandwiched between the Hickory and Lemonwood we taper the centre lamination to ensure the ratio between the different woods remain the same throughout the length of the bow. The timbers used for the centre lamination can vary with availability but tends to be either Purpleheart which has a striking purple/red colour or Greenheart, one time used for making fishing rods. The handle can either be woollen braid or leather, both are trimmed with leather decorated gold leaf in a variety of patterns produced from original Victorian pattern wheels.

Triple laminate Longbow £495