Self Yew
A close up of the bow showing the distinctive Yew wood.
A close up of the handle section.Many colours available.
Yew has long been regarded as natures most perfect bow material having natural elasticity, sweetness of draw and cast second to none. Bows are made from matched pairs of billets, spliced together at the handle, perfect pairs of billets are extremely rare, consequently no two self yew bows will look the same as the skill of the Bowyer is used to follow the undulations of the sap wood and the heartwood, raise pins as necessary and produce a bow of character and beauty. We import all our Yew from Oregon where it is harvested from the Cascade Mountains for us by one of Americas leading traditional archery experts. Materials are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain for this type of bow, therefore delivery times and availability can vary, please phone if interested in this bow.

Self Yew Longbow        £ (call for availability, price in the  region of £850)